Just something to get started.

Sometimes I love to write, but it’s one of life’s personal tragedies that I haven’t been blessed with any imagination. I reckon I could write a brilliant best-selling novel if only I had an idea for a plot, or for characters, or dialogue, or… Hmm, probably best I give up now. I’m never happier that when I’m sitting at my keyboard, tapping away, and I tend to think better then too, but what to write about? I once had to create a blog as part of a course I was undertaking, and my one and only entry ran along the lines of “Why would anyone be the slightest bit interested in anything I have to say?”, which is probably not the best way to start a new blog, but I seem to be recreating that (albeit with more words) now.

I was inspired by an old friend who started a blog about running (which he can’t stand). I can’t stand running either, but I love reading what he writes, because he writes what he thinks and very often he has interesting thoughts. If I can communicate a fraction as well then I’ll be happy. I may add the odd (as in occasional) photograph too, as I love visual imagery but have as much talent with traditional creative art as with fiction writing, so photography seems to suit me best.

No idea where this will go, but I reckon it’s worth putting some words “out there” and seeing what happens…


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