Initial impression of a neophyte blogger

I’m one of those people who likes to try and work things out by themselves. I hate it when other people do that, can’t work it out and then ask me to sort whatever it is out for them:

Dad: How does this work?

Me: Have you read the manual?

Dad: No. It’s easier to ask you.

Me: (Thinks) ‘Read the (bleeping) manual!’ (Says) Ok Dad, lets see if we can work this out.

Which is probably quite a common conversation in this day and age. Anyway, today I actually made a start on reading a bit about what I should do and how I should go about doing it with regard to this blogging thing. One of the first bits of advice is to “get focussed”. Hmm. Why? Life is infinitely complex and varied, so why should what one chooses to present to the world be constrained by “getting focussed”?

I don’t have any expert knowledge of anything, and I don’t claim to have thoughts which are earth shattering, or to have taken images which have great artistic or intellectual merit, so I’m writing for me; perhaps as a form of 21st century interactive diary and perhaps so that I can try and make sense of a few things and this is the best way I can do that. Being “focussed” is the last thing I wish to be.


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