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Some Portraits of Birds

Recently I’ve been taking more things, people and places, but my main photographic delight is in the natural world. Here are a few images to add a bit of life and colour to the day:


Hawk Conservancy-15









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Images of Krakow

More images from Poland in 2007, this time taken in and around Krakow:

Poland 2007-2 Poland 2007-3 Poland 2007-9 Poland 2007-22 Poland 2007-23 Poland 2007-32 Poland 2007-35 Poland 2007-29 Poland 2007-31

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Images of Auschwitz

Poland 2007-10 Poland 2007-11 Poland 2007-12 Poland 2007-13 Poland 2007-14 Poland 2007-15 Poland 2007-16 Poland 2007-17 Poland 2007-21

These were taken in 2007 and as originally taken were very much record shots. I was uncomfortable with using my camera in such a place, but a teacher friend was preparing some lessons based around the film Schindler’s List and asked me if I would document my visit. Coming back to the files recently I’ve worked on them a bit. I can only hope to have done the subject some justice. Clicking on each image will open it to full size.

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